Life is an adventure in learning from beginning to end.

Learning begins with birth and continues each day of life. It happens when we are at home, work, school, or play. It even happens, often, when we sleep. Nothing about the term learning restricts it to formal, classroom situations.

boysfishing2.pngWhen you were a young child, you soaked in this adventure. You learned to crawl and walk and talk and eat. You watched carefully everything that happened around you. You listened intently. You savored new flavors and ate new foods. Some of these you spat out. Some you liked. Life was fun, even when you fell down or had trouble. So was learning. You felt the intensity of curiosity and the natural joy that comes from learning and progressing in ability.

Sometime, though, you may have lost that joy or that curiosity—that confidence to learn.

Perhaps you lost it in experiencing some of the formal learning opportunities that come at work or in school or elsewhere. In many of these situations, someone else—a teacher, a curriculum developer, a program director, an administrator—decides what you will learn and when you will learn it. Someone else decides what assignments or exercises you will do; someone else gives you tests or pop quizzes to see how much you've learned; someone else gives you a grade (or a raise) that is supposed to indicate how well you have done—your level of mastery.

Whether you are a teenager who is homeschooling or going to public school or an adult who wants to develop additional skills, talents, and interests, this website is intended to help you develop the skills of a self-directed learner. It will help you set your own learning goals and develop project plans according to your own interests and your own schedule. It will provide resources to help you challenge yourself as much as you did when you were a child, and even more. It will help you develop the skills and characteristics of a self-directed learner. It will help you enjoy even more this learning adventure of life.